Medical Malpractice

Non-profit consumer advocate organizations estimate that more than a million injuries are caused each year by medical negligence, also known, formally, in the legal community, as Medical Malpractice. The vast majority of these injuries were preventable with, simply, better care. Suddenly, things we take for granted: walking, eating, working, making love, exercising necessary bodily functions, can be lost for an extended period of time or perhaps for life when a medical professional does something or neglects to do something that results in further damage to the patient. Bringing a medical malpractice suit holds doctors, hospitals, nurses, and other medical staff to account when appropriate levels of care are not provided. Medical professionals, clinics, laboratories and hospitals often have “deep pockets,” and, often, deliberately delay the legal process, forcing a low settlement on their victim because he/she can’t afford to wait out the process. Medical Malpractice law has been the most legislated area of the law in this era of legal reform and pro-insurance legislation around the country. It has become a very specialized field and it requires the retention of the best legal experts. Lawsuit Financial can assist you in finding the right attorney to handle your case in all 50 states. Further, our company CEO, Mark M. Bello, has 36 years of litigation experience and 14 years of litigation funding experience, practical case handling experience that is unmatched in the legal finance industry. His ability to underwrite Medical Malpractice and other types of complex tort litigation is a large reason why Lawsuit Financial is the Gold Standard for the legal funding industry. Mark will assess your case for free and explain your funding options. He can also answer some, if not all of your legal questions and, if you are not represented by an attorney, find you the best legal expert for your situation. Working together with your attorney, Lawsuit Financial and Mr. Bello will evaluate your case funding request for free and provide you with expert legal finance advice, and tailored funding options for your specific situation. Contacting us is free; the advice is priceless.

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