Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding – What might I owe?

In the case of a Lawsuit Financial litigation cash advance, how much you’ll owe will depend upon:

  1. Whether you win or lose your case
  2. If you win, how much and how long will it take to recover the proceeds?

You are only required to pay Lawsuit Financial its principal and profit if you win your case. If you lose your case, you owe us nothing!

If you win, your attorney will repay Lawsuit Financial out of your case proceeds award. The amount that your attorney is required to repay us is calculated using a simple flat fee approach. For early or quick settlements, we provide a generous and exclusive-to-the-industry rebate program. Obviously, the cost of a legal advance increases with the length of time it takes your case to settle. However, Lawsuit Financial was the first and is still only one of the few lawsuit finance companies that caps its rates, to protect you when litigation goes to trial and through several appeals. You will most likely owe less if your case settles sooner than later. Lawsuit Financial case investment returns also depend on the type of case you have and what State you are in. Before we ever provide an advance, you will be provided with expert funding advice, from an experienced funding specialist, tailored to your personal situation. You will be provided with our funding terms in simple and clear language, no legalese. We feature plain language legal case investment contracts, as well, no games, no legal mumbo-jumbo.

While your case is pending, you make no payments and have no risk. You can use our money for any necessary purpose, house payments, car payments, groceries, tuition, rent, etc. If you lose your case, you owe Lawsuit Financial nothing!!

If another legal funding company claims to have lower rates than Lawsuit Financial, ask them:

  1. Do they charge up-front fees?
  2. Do they require you to give them money up-front and roll that into the funded amount?
  3. Do they cap their rates?
  4. Do they offer liberal negotiation if the case is successful but the result is far less than expected?

These legal advances are not lawsuit loans. With loans and/or loan type financing,you must repay the lawsuit lender regardless of the outcome of the case; regardless of whether you win or lose, you must pay the lender back. With pre-settlement lawsuit funding from Lawsuit Financial, you repay us out of case proceeds and case proceeds only. If they are not sufficient to repay us, we are forced to take a compromise.

And, again, this is no-risk litigation funding! If you lose your case you owe us nothing!

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